Better Off Red: Teacher uses baseball to educate students

This is a great story on how a teacher uses baseball, the Reds and the Bats to motivate and educate her students.

I came up with several names before “Home Run Herndons.” Right away, my husband said, “I think you should go with “Home Run Herndons.” I decided that I would make the connection with school/education and baseball.

I did this in many ways for example: Each day our schedule is a “game plan”, we have learning targets that we use in our unit plans and I called those our “Strike Zone”; we had a wall of fame where I included many different baseball players and famous quotes then eventually I started to put student work on this board; we have our helper’s chart entitled “Look Who’s Pitching in”….it is the baseball diamond with students’ names on baseballs and they rotate around the field in different position for the week with different classroom jobs.

I had my wall of fame with my accomplishments in education; we have a bulletin board that is “Home Run Herndons Press Box” with lots of classroom information (schedules, lunch menu, etc.); the door to our classroom says “Home Run Herndons Dugout with our team roster (class name tags which they come in and put on their locker door, this is how I do attendance); our reading corner is “Who’s on Deck – Reading is a hit with us!!!”; our safe place is our “Bull Pen”; our behavior/discipline polices for our school procedures is called “3 Strikes You’re Out”; I have pods of tables that are labeled with the farm teams for the Reds, and our community circle carpet is a baseball diamond.

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